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Across my writing career, I've ghostwritten in numerous formats for clients: opinion columns, speeches, reports, and articles.  I've developed a keen ear for hearing what the client wants, and anticipatory skills for what the client is on the road to saying (but might not fully realize it yet!). I'll work with you through such items as a) what you envision the story to be, b) outlining how the story fits the format (book length or shorter formats), c) determining what is needed for a proposal and/or query, and d) developing the story, including doing necessary research, interviews, and revisions.

Depending on your needs, I can serve as a second author, performing essentially the same functions as above, but contributing my credentials as a scholar to your project.  See my other book projects and my other writing projects for examples of my bylined work.

For more on what's involved in the process, request my free advisory, How Your Idea Can Be a Book.  Or contact me at


Editing is a delicate task -- it requires fine-tuning everything that is put down as part of the writing process, from forming the initial concept to crafting the final draft.  Yes, it is about the technical aspects (grammar, punctuation, word choices, syntax, etc.). However, it also involves hearing what the author is attempting to communicate and working to get the right words, configured in the right order, so as to convey the intended meaning.

My over 30 years of experience in editing will help assure that your story gets told in the way you desire. See my other book projects and my other writing projects for examples. To discuss your editing needs, contact me at

Find out more about how I can assist you with your writing project.

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