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I've found, across my career as a public relations professional and an academic, that people often have stories to tell. However, they sometimes simply need help in getting that story to hang together and ring true -- for both them as the storytellers and the audiences they envision reading their story.  

My professional and academic careers have led me to helping people tell their stories, especially as relates to crisis, collaborating with them to tell stories about adversity overcome and lessons learned. The root of all my writing has been telling stories of how people made viable their lives' purpose in the face of constant change. I've helped them make sense of their experiences and then craft those accounts in a way that can assist others.

In over 30 years of writing and editing, whether they are top executives, workers on the front lines, scholars, or the person who delivers the mail to you every day, I have helped each tell their stories.

You, too, probably have a story.  I'm versed in writing both short-form articles and book-length projects.  Examples of this work are on my portfolio page.


I particularly specialize in book-length storytelling. For more on what's involved in the process, request my free advisory, How Your Idea Can Be a Book.  Or contact me at



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